Contingency Plan



Following the recommendations established by the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE) in the field of active tourism and ecotourism, on the occasion of the current pandemic of Covid-19, we present the Contingency Plan adopted by ATLANTIDEA aimed at reducing risks of contagion by the virus.

Given the impossibility of creating a Health and Safety Committee given the operational characteristics of our company, it has been the head of it as a Management Committee that has established the appropriate measures, adjusting at all times to the Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks. and the recommendations of the health authorities.

ATLANTIDEA elaborates this Contingency Plan to reduce the risks of contagion by Covid-19 after having evaluated all the possible risks and established the consequent conclusions adapting them to the specific characteristics of our activities and our clients.

This Plan takes into account the particular characteristics of our activity within the so-called Nature tourism, particularly in the active tourism sector, both due to the operational nature of its organization (transport and guide services) and the development of the activity itself in the field (hiking trails with other travellers, shared vehicle use for transfers, hygiene and minimum distance between participants in the different shared activities).

Our Contingency Plan incorporates an annex a Safety and Health Protocol mainly intended to prevent the spread of Covid-19 among our clients, as well as an Action Protocol in the event that the guide or clients show symptoms compatible with the disease, following everything At the moment the instructions given by the health authorities. This Plan is temporary and may be altered by virtue of possible restrictions or due to the relaxation of the current legislation on ecotourism.

Measures adopted by ATLANTIDEA to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection during the course of our activities

  1. Guides will be provided with the essential material to minimize the risk of contagion such as disposable masks, gloves, hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers, disinfecting wipes and a specific container destined to deposit this material once used.
  2. Among the usual first aid materials, a thermometer will also be incorporated to detect possible febrile cases and FP2 and surgical masks.
  3. The minimum safety distance between clients will be maintained both in the means of transport and in common areas, as well as during activities.
  4. In our vehicle we will show visible signs with our Security Protocol.
  5. We ask to avoid any form of physical greeting between guide and travellers, as well as between travellers themselves who do not belong to the same family unit.
  6. Avoid sharing water bottles and other travel items, such as sunscreen creams or insect repellents, that are susceptible to possible transmission of the disease by contact.
  7. The use of masks will be mandatory during any transfer in our vehicle even when not traveling with other passengers. In the case of using third-party vehicles, the specific regulations of the owner company will prevail. The individual sanitary material must be brought by each client. If you do not have it, the company will be notified in advance to solve it.
  8. The passenger limit will be determined by the number of seats in the vehicles.
  9. Each participant will always occupy the same seat in the vehicle and rotations will not be allowed until at least its disinfection has taken place.
  10. The disinfection of the vehicle will be carried out every day, if two shifts are carried out they will be disinfected after each shift, using only products allowed and recommended by the health authorities, influencing the cleaning of those surfaces that may be used by more than one traveler such as door handles, window raise and lower controls, air control panel, headrests and armrests, etc …
  11. ATLANTIDEA will require, before the start of each activity that involves picking up customers at the accommodation, that each accommodation provide us with its own Contingency Plan in order to ensure the safety of our customers, communicating in advance any aspect that consider it appropriate to know before the start of each trip.
  12. In general, we will meet clients in the meeting point area for each activity, except in cases where clients are picked up from the accommodation.
  13. The size of our groups will be limited to 6 people plus a specialized guide when we travel in our 8-seater vehicle.
  14. The use of material arranged for our clients deserves special attention. ATLANTIDEA will put the necessary material to carry out the activities to its clients, proceeding to disinfect them before the start of the activity. This material will be personal during its development and cannot be used by third parties. In addition, the client agrees to keep the material clean and in good condition, not using abrasive products that could damage it. In order to avoid risky situations, the guides will not normally transfer their material to any client, unless their thorough disinfection occurs both on delivery and on return. All the material will be reviewed and disinfected with specific disinfectants after each activity.

ATLANTIDEA agrees to monitor compliance with these measures.

In the event that their guides or clients do not comply, ATLANTIDEA reserves the right to avoid their participation in its activities, even if they have already started. The specific consequences derived from this non-compliance are reflected in “Annex I, Safety Protocol to avoid contagions” in point number 5.

ATLANTIDEA HIKING AND EXCURSIONS will periodically evaluate this Contingency Plan, assessing its effectiveness and modifying it if necessary, depending on the results obtained during its implementation and development, and always attending to the recommendations of the competent health authorities.



This annex aims to include the main security measures adopted, both by clients and by our guides, to avoid Covid-19 infections during the course of our activities in the framework of Active and Nature Tourism. In general, they intend to follow the measures that have long been proposed by the health authorities themselves, but in part interpreted and adapted to their own criteria as an organizing company for active and nature tourism activities. These would be, therefore, the main measures to take into account according to our criteria:

  1. Before carrying out each activity, ATLANTIDEA will identify the closest medical and emergency assistance centers at the destination, to refer a possible Covid-19 patient effectively and quickly if necessary.
  2. The necessary means will be put in place for the proper hygiene of travellers and guides (both materials, and making the specific stops necessary for their performance, even if they were not contemplated in the program).
  3. There will be a single point of loading and unloading of clients at the beginning and end of each activity. These places will be duly communicated and exposed to each client, forming part of the information offered before each departure.
  4. The Contingency Plan will be binding on both parties, both the client and the company.
  5. In the event of a repeated breach of these rules by a client, ATLANTIDEA may deny you participation in the scheduled activities both in the current activity and in future activities that it may organize, which includes not being able to use the vehicle used to transport passengers for this activity, and will inform the local authorities competent in matters of Safety and Health about this situation. You can also carry out as many legal actions as you consider appropriate if you consider that your commercial interests and / or your image are damaged.
  6. Likewise, and in the face of complaints or direct communications from its clients, due to the inappropriate behavior of their guides, ATLANTIDEA may set them apart as group managers, providing a qualified substitute within 24 hours. You can also carry out the measures you consider appropriate to safeguard your interests as an organizer of activities.
  7. It will adequately inform the client of the possible limitations that may occur when providing certain services derived from the consequences of the pandemic.
  8. It will be obligatory to follow the instructions of guides and / or qualified personnel at all times to avoid incidents or situations that could degenerate into a risk of contagion.
  9. It will be remembered if necessary, the respect of the rules of personal hygiene, especially inside vehicles, such as covering the mouth and nose with the elbow or a disposable handkerchief when coughing or sneezing, often washing hands with soap and water (or recommended solution) and / or use alcohol-based products, avoid physical contact with other travellers and keep the minimum safety distance whenever possible.
  10. Our guides will take extreme precautions when visiting places where the influx of other people is foreseeable or at least, the appropriate measures will be taken to do it in a safe way. Reduced spaces that are not subject to specific regulations on use and capacity will also be avoided.



In the event of any symptom compatible with Covid-19 (fever, cough, respiratory distress, muscle pain, etc …), please contact the person responsible for the activity, who in our case is always the guide, in order to, first, make the appropriate decisions to provide prompt medical attention and second, avoid a possible contagion to other travelers. Following the advice of the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE) in the field of active tourism and ecotourism we go on to list the steps and assumptions in the case of identifying a possible case of Covid-19 during the development of one of our excursions or trips:

  1. Once the case has been communicated by the client, the medical attention of the possible Covid-19 patient will be prioritized immediately. For this, the fastest and most appropriate mechanisms for a medical specialist to determine whether or not the patient suffers from the disease will be considered.
  2. Although the care of the sick person is a priority, the best possible scenario for the rest of the travelers will be considered, taking the pertinent safety and hygiene measures and trying to avoid any type of contact with the rest of the travelers. Likewise, the components of the group without symptoms will be transferred to the most appropriate place awaiting instructions, which will largely depend on their location at the time of initiation of this protocol. This could be the accommodation at the destination, the place of departure (for which the distance would be taken into account), or any other that the person responsible for the trip, in the first instance the guide, or later the organizer of the trip, established as adequate and / or safer.
  3. In case of confirming the contagion as positive, it will proceed in the first instance to communicate the situation to a relative or contact person previously authorized by the client at the time of making his reservation.
  4. Subsequently, the result will be communicated to the rest of the travelers and to those responsible for the accommodation who will proceed to initiate their own protocol of security, cleanliness and hygiene of the establishment, if the client has already used them.
  5. Once the patient is in the hands of the health personnel and the family care has been coordinated through the contact person, the convenience of continuing the activity will be evaluated, following the recommendations of the doctors.
  6. If the organization considers it safe to continue the activity with clients in disagreement, we will proceed as far as possible to facilitate their transfer through alternative means of transport (or their own if applicable). The expenses derived from said transport will be borne by the clients who have decided to end the activity unilaterally, and the organization will not proceed to make any refund for loss of the contracted services.
  7. If the organization determines that it is not advisable to continue with the program for purely sanitary reasons, the activity will be immediately suspended and the return to origin due to force majeure events exclusively serving the interests of health and safety. In this case ATLANTIDEA will assume the responsibility and the costs of the transfer of the participants and will renounce the part of their fees corresponding to the time that they have not provided their services. In no case will it face the costs derived from the cancellation of the services contracted to third parties and not enjoyed by the clients, such as accommodation, meals, travel insurance policies, alternative transportations such as boats, 4×4 vehicles, cable car tickets, as well as any Another service associated with the organization of each excursion.
  8. In the event that the guide was diagnosed with Covid-19 during the course of one of our trips, it would be replaced by another qualified guide in the shortest possible time. Otherwise, ATLANTIDEA would be forced to suspend the trip for reasons of greater cause and would be responsible for the safe transfer to the place of origin of all the members of the group.



Given the special risk of infection by COVID-19 in the face of an accident or health emergency that occurred during our mountain activities and taking into account the peculiarities of the rugged environment in which we carry them out, we present the following decalogue with the specific measures to be implemented that supplement the usual preventive measures in this type of emergency.

. Keep the rest of the group and onlookers at a safe distance. . We should not approach and touch the victim until we have put on the appropriate health safety material for the situation: double pair of gloves, mask and eye protection (sunglasses, clear or blizzard).

. The first measure will be to put a mask on the victim, whether conscious or unconscious.

. To check if you breathe, it is recommended to do it only visually (see if your chest or back moves when you breathe or if the mask also moves when you breathe in-breathe out).

. In case you do not breathe and have to do CPR: we will alert you as soon as possible and we will only perform chest compressions, without ventilation. If we are in a shelter that has a resuscitation balloon (ambu) and DESA we will use it but we will make sure that the ambu has a filter between the mask and the exhalation valve. (use of DESA according to regional legislation).

. In the event that we have wounds, we will heal and cover them carefully and if the wounds are the result of the accident for which we have to take care of other people, we will cover them quickly to protect ourselves and to be able to take care of as soon as possible.

. After finishing, we will put all the used disposable material in a double plastic bag that we will deposit in an appropriate garbage container. And we will disinfect the reusable material.

. We will wash / disinfect our hands if possible, before, during and after our intervention.




. Two hygienic or surgical masks.
. Plastic bags.
. Sunglasses and / or transparent glasses (it is recommended that they cover the eyes as much as possible and if possible with safety glass against impacts).
. Individual sun protection cream.
. Individual food and drink.
. Small bottle with gel or biodegradable disinfectant spray.
. Small backpack or clothing with pockets that allows us to carry protection and disinfection material during the activity.


. Cap with visor
. Cloth scarf



. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, if you are or have been in contact in the last 14 days with someone with COVID-19, please refrain from participating in the activity. Be responsible.
. Wash your hands or disinfect them at the beginning and end of the activity and whenever possible during the activity, with soap and water or biodegradable disinfectant gel or spray. In particular, hands should be washed or disinfected after each close contact, before eating and drinking, before and after bathing.
. Do not attempt to communicate while sneezing or coughing.
. If you have to sneeze or cough, do it with a handkerchief or in the inside of your elbow.
. Stay vigilant during the activity to adapt the rate of progression and the stops with respect to the rest of the group and thus be able to maintain the safety distance at all times.
. Avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes with your hands.
. Avoid putting the material in your mouth (biting the rope, holding tapes or cords with
the mouth, etc.).
. Always have the mask on hand and ready in case you have to share small spaces with other people (meetings, hang-ups, etc.).
. Always wear your glasses (sunglasses or clear).
. Do not share sun creams or lip balms.
. Do not exchange food and drinks with the rest of the group.
. Do not share cutlery, plates, glasses, or drink from the same bottle.
. Follow your guide’s instructions at all times.