Hiking Tours

El Hierro selfguided

74 Km | 8 days |  Medium

Aimed at those who want an organized trip but walking at their own pace and who are fans of culture, geology, history and nature in general.

El Hierro, hike and dive 8 days

30 Km/6 dives | 8 days |  Medium

Directed to all amateur of hiking, diving and of course nature.

El Hierro at your leisure

42,5 Km | 7 days |  Medium

Draw your own story in El Hierro. We give you what is necessary so that after the guided walking routes you can discover the island on your own.

El Hierro in a weekend

27 Km | 4 days |  Medium

Directed to geology, history and nature lovers who want an organised walking tour to discover the island in few days …

El Hierro tailor made

Tailor made

You only think about what you want and you prefer to all be your taste … we will think about the organisation, reservations, logistics before your departure and of course of the following of all these aspects while you are here.