Hiking Tours

El Hierro, the undiscovered canaries

55 Km | 7 days |  Medium

Why walking in El Hierro? The environmental heritage and its peculiar beauty; hundreds of visible volcanic cones and spectacular lava fields; thrilling views; natural pools shaped by the force of the Atlantic Ocean; the trails, witnesses of a past still alive; the tranquility of its villages; the hospitality of its people; its artisans; the traditional cuisine and the fine wines; the mysterious petroglyphs; the biodiversity …

El Hierro at your leisure

42,5 Km | 7 days |  Medium

Draw your own story in El Hierro. We give you what is necessary so that after the guided walking routes you can discover the island on your own.

El Hierro tailor made

Tailor made

You only think about what you want and you prefer to all be your taste … we will think about the organisation, reservations, logistics before your departure and of course of the following of all these aspects while you are here.

El Hierro, hike and dive 8 days

30 Km/6 dives | 8 days |  Medium

Directed to all amateur of hiking, diving and of course nature.