El Hierro at your leisure

Who is it for?

Directed to local culture, geology, history and nature lovers who want an organized trip combining guided walking excursions with the freedom to discover the island at your leisure… We provide a rental car to continue exploring the island when you finish the daily walks and you can choose between different types of accommodation.

Why El Hierro?

The environmental heritage and its peculiar beauty; hundreds of visible volcanic cones and spectacular lava fields; the shocking views; natural pools molded by the strength of the Atlantic Ocean; the trails, witnesses of a past still alive; the tranquility of their villages; the hospitality of its people; their artisans; traditional cuisine and excellent wines; The Biodiversity…


Day 1: Arrival

Arrival at the airport/port, welcome, rental car delivery and transfer to accommodation.

Day 2: The Route of the Water

San Andrés – La Albarrada – El Garoé – Valverde (9 km, +150 -500, 4 hours)
Past, present and future of the water in the island of El Hierro…from San Andrés, walking past El Garoé and its water tanks, the forest of Valverde, the Hidro-Eolic Plant…till the arrival at “La Villa”.


Afternoon at your leisure…

Day 3: The Route of "Las Mudadas"

San Andrés – Meseta de Nisdafe – Mirador de Jinama – Candelaria (7,5 km, +200 -885, 4 hours)
From San Andrés, the highest village on the island at 1050 mt, we cross the beautiful Nisdafe Plateau through the Land that Sounds, arriving at the Jinama Viewpoint where we begin our descent submerged in the Laurisilva forest and in the history of the traditional “Mudadas” until we arrive to the Church of La Candelaria in El Golfo.


Afternoon at your leisure…

Day 4: The Route of Malpaso

Hoya del Morcillo – Cruz de los Reyes – Malpaso – Hoya del Pino (10 km, +550 –450, 4 hours)
A walk between Hoya del Morcillo and Hoya del Pino, through forests of Canary Pine and Fayal Brezal and passing by the highest peak of the island, the Malpaso.


Afternoon at your leisure…

Day 5: The Route of “Las Sabinas”

Sabinosa – Mirador de Bascos – El Sabinar – Lomo Negro (9 km, +550 -500, 4 horas) Sabinosa – Mirador de Bascos – El Sabinar – Lomo Negro (9 km, +550 -500, 4 hours)
Junipers with incredible forms shaped by the Trade Winds…walking from Sabinosa, passing by the Mirador de Bascos and the enchanted forest of Sabinar,…till the arrival at the Lomo Negro viewpoint.


Afternoon at your leisure…

Day 6: The Route of the Volcanes

El Pinar – El Tacorón (8 km, +100 -750, 3 hours)
A geological approach walking between the volcanic cones forming the “Lajiales” lava flows, one of the most significant natural landscapes of the youngest island of the archipelago.


Afternoon at your leisure…

Day 7: Departure

Transfer to the airport/port and departure.


Minimum: 2 pax
Difficulty:   medium
Total distance: 43,5 km
3/4 hours daily walks
Trails: rocky bottoms and sections in loose volcanic materials; dirt tracks.

Material needed

It is recommended to wear appropriate clothing (layered, that is, protect our body from possible weather conditions and keep it dry at all times by combining three different types of garments), comfortable and strong boots, raincoat, fine fleece lining and / or thick (depending on the season), hat, backpack, trekking poles, canteen, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, first aid kit.


You can choose from our selection of different types of accommodation (also combining more accommodation, for example 3 nights in hotel and 3 nights in rural house):


from € 491 p.p. taxes included (example with 6 night stay at Apartamentos Los Verodes in Tigaday)

It includes:
Accommodation, 6 nights; Rental car with all risk insurance; 5 thematic hiking routes with local guide; All entrances to the Interpretation Centers; Accident insurance for hiking activities.


Call 0034 649650913; send an email to atlantidea@hotmail.com