El Hierro in a weekend

Who is it for?

Directed to geology, history and nature lovers who want an organised walking tour to discover the island in few days … During this adventure you’ll see a unique forest of juniper trees shaped by the Trade Winds and the volcanic landscape of the End of the World before the discover of America; you’ll hike into a volcano crater and enter into a volcanic tube and see the amazingly shaped pahoehoe lava flows; you’ll know about the history and legends of his indigenous population the Bimbaches and discover constantly changing landscapes.

Why El Hierro?

The environmental heritage and its peculiar beauty; hundreds of visible volcanic cones and spectacular lava fields; the shocking views; natural pools molded by the strength of the Atlantic Ocean; the trails, witnesses of a past still alive; the tranquility of their villages; the hospitality of its people; their artisans; traditional cuisine and excellent wines; The Biodiversity…


Day 1: Thursday. Arrival

Your guide will meet you at the port with an ATLANTIDEA sign at 20.15 and from there a 45 min. transfer by private vehicle will take you to the Hotel Balneario Pozo de la Salud, located on the cliff of the coastline of El Golfo and the western most Hotel in Spain.
Check in and dinner at the Hotel restaurant.

Day 2: Friday

10 min. transfer by private vehicle leaving at 9.00am to Sabinosa.
(about 8km, 4 hours, 600m ascent, 200m descent)
Visit the Orchilla Lighthouse and the Acantilado Volcanic Tube. Back via Mirador del Lomo Negro.
Hotel Balneario.

Day 3: Saturday

Transfer by private vehicle leaving at 9.00am to El Pinar via Cumbre and El Morcillo.
(about 8km, 3 hours, 50m ascent, 800m descent)
Visit La Restinga, the southern most village of Spain and learn about the 2011 submarine volcanic eruption. Back to the hotel via Mirador Las Playas.
Hotel Balneario.

Day 4: Sunday. Departure

40 min. transfer by private vehicle leaving at 9.00am to San Andrés via Mirador de la Peña.
(about 9km, 4 hours, 200m ascent, 600m descent)
From Valverde about 15 min. transfer by private vehicle El Tamaduste and then to the port.
The guide will leave you there.


Minimum: 2 people/Maximum 6
Difficulty:   medium
Total distance: 25 km
3/4 hours daily walks
Trails: rocky bottoms and sections in loose volcanic materials; dirt tracks.

Material needed

It is recommended to wear appropriate clothing (layered, that is protecting our body from possible weather conditions and keep it dry at all times by combining three different types of garments), comfortable and strong walking boots/shoes, raincoat, fine fleece lining and / or thick (depending on the season), hat, backpack, trekking poles, canteen, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, first aid kit.



497€ p.p. taxes included

It includes:
Accommodation, 3 nights in double room with breakfast; Dinner on the first night; 3 full days with hikes/excursions with local guide; All transfers; Accident insurance for hiking activities.


Call 0034 649650913; send an email to atlantidea@hotmail.com