Selfguided “Basic”

Who is it for?

Aimed at those who want an organized trip but walking at their own pace and who are fans of culture, geology, history and nature in general.
One of the premises of self-guided tours is freedom of action: you are the one who decides when, how and with whom. In addition, you will save yourself the logistics problems, having in advance all the information about accommodation, routes, transport.

Why El Hierro?

The environmental heritage and its peculiar beauty; hundreds of visible volcanic cones and spectacular lava fields; the breathtaking views; the natural pools shaped by the force of the Atlantic Ocean; the trails, witnesses of a past still alive; the tranquility of its towns; the hospitality of its people; its artisans; traditional cuisine and excellent wines; The Biodiversity; your commitment to sustainability.


Day 1: Arrival

El Hierro has a small airport with several daily links to the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Also from the Port of La Estaca (Valverde) is connected by ferry to Tenerife.

A short taxi transfer will take you to the Boomerang Hotel, which is located in the Capital Valverde.

Depending on the arrival time, optional walk.

Day 2: Circular hike from Valverde

The day begins in the capital of the island, Valverde, the only capital of the Archipelago located at 600 mt. a.s.l. and not on the coast. Your first walk will take you to discover the history of water on the island from the past to the future represented by the mythical sacred tree Garoé surrounded by its “pools” and by the pilot project of the hydro-wind power plant. A circular route with rapid changes of landscape from meadows to evergreen forests and stretches of red clays.

12 km, 5 hours, 550 ascent/descent

Day 3: Hike from the Mirador de la Peña to La Llanía

A taxi transfer will take you to the Mirador de la Peña, overlooking the majestic El Golfo natural amphitheater. From here the road soon runs through the highlands of the Nisdafe Plateau between volcanic cones crossing “the land that sounds”. After walking a long stretch of the GR 131 Camino de La Virgen you will arrive at the forest of Fayal Brezal de La Llanía to discover it with a circular route. The Mirador de La Llanía offers a different perspective of El Golfo with its almost 1400 meters of altitude.

A taxi transfer will take you to the Apartments.

16 km, 6 hours, 800 meters ascent, 100m descent

Day 4: Circular walk from Tigaday

Your walk starts today from the apartments. The route runs through a flat landscape and open countryside. This is an area famous for the production of banana, pineapple and various tropical fruits. The visit to the Eco Museum of Guinea and Lagartario will offer you a historical view of the island; the village is one of the three oldest on the island, turned into a museum in the 80s. From the Hotel Punta Grande, the smallest in the world, the path follows the wonderful cliffs of Las Puntas until you reach the natural pools of La Maceta.

13 km, 4 hours, 200 meters ascent, 200m descent

Day 5: Hike from El Morcillo to Tigaday

Today’s route begins, after a taxi transfer, at the Hoya del Morcillo in the heart of the Canary pine forest. The path, traditionally used to connect the villages of the two slopes of the island, crosses from south to north offering a variety of ecosystems and views. The Canary pine forest soon gives way to the forest of Fayal-Brezal. You will walk on the crest of the island, near the highest point, by stretches of volcanic ash and with panoramic views of the south until the path begins to descend towards Tigaday.

13 km, 5 hours, 400 meters of ascent, 1050m descent

Day 6: Hike from the Sanctuary of the Virgen de Los Reyes to Pozo de La Salud

After a transfer to the Sanctuary of the Virgin, the patron of the island and starting point of the traditional “Bajada”, your walk begins through the pastures of the “Dehesa” to the Sabinar, endemic juniper forest that Tradewinds molded in incredible twisted shapes. From the Mirador de Bascos, with its breathtaking views of El Golfo, the path goes downhill, in the thick forest of Monteverde, until you reach the picturesque village of Sabinosa, the westernmost of Spain.

12 km, 5 hours, 200 meters of ascent, 800m descent

Day 7: Circular walk from the Hotel

On the last day of the trip, an easy and interesting walk in a spectacular volcanic territory: the walk starts from the Hotel arriving at the beach of Arenas Blancas, the only one on the island formed by fragments of shells dragged inland by the winds and currents, from where a coastal path leads between lava fields that seem freshly erupted, with views of the cliffs sculpted by the sea in magnificent basalt arches.

10 km, 3 hours, the ascent of 50 meters, 50 meters of descent

Day 8: Departure

A taxi will pick you up at the hotel. The transfer to the port/airport requires about 45 minutes.


Difficulty:   medium
Total distance: 76 km
Daily walks from 3 to 6 hours (walking time)
Trails: rocky bottoms and stretches of loose volcanic materials; dirt tracks.

Necessary Material

It is recommended to wear appropriate clothing (by layers, that is to protect our body from possible weather inclemencies and keep it dry at all times by combining three different types of garments), comfortable and strong hiking boots, raincoat, fine fleece and/or thick (depending on the season), hat, backpack, trekking poles, canteen, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera.


Hotel Boomerang in Valverde: 2 nights in a double room with breakfast.
Los Verodes Apartments in Tigaday: 3 nights in an apartment with breakfast.
Spa Hotel Balneario in the Pozo de la Salud: 2 nights in a double room with breakfast.


715€/per person including taxes, in mid season.
Single supplement 350€

It includes:
Accommodation in a double room with breakfast. All transfers by taxi, welcome pack that includes descriptive sheets of the routes.

For more information and / or reservations call +34 649 650 913 or write to us in our contact form.