Hiking on El Hierro

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Hiking is one of the outdoor activities that has gained more followers in recent years, and it is not strange: it combines perfectly the physical exercise with the enjoyment of magnificent landscapes. If you want to know El Hierro in depth and discover its most hidden natural corners, you must do some of the hiking trails on this island that we present.

A magical experience
El Hierro is a magical island. Its landscapes are full of contrasts and allow you to discover the sea, the mountain and even its history just by walking and making your way through its hiking network.
The best thing about hiking in El Hierro is that you can immerse yourself in places of all kinds, from protected areas with a very rich and varied biodiversity to climbing a drop of 1000 meters in 4 km. You dare?

Route of the Mudadas (by Jinama trail)
Because of its intensity, we can define the Jinama Trail as a trekking route between the villages of San Andrés and Tigaday. It includes a steeper stretch of cliff and a flatter one.
If you decide to do this route, you will pass more than 3 km in the Frontera Rural Park. Therefore, you will be able to know firsthand the flora, the fauna and the geological value of these lands. A unique experience for all who love nature!

Camino de la Llanía
Do you have 2 hours to discover El Hierro? This route allows you to know the contrasts of the island in a walk of about 5 km, in which you will be able to know from the forest of the Fayal-Brezal to the impressive gravitational landslide of El Golfo.

Route of the Water
This hiking route is an excellent option to get to know the north of this island. From San Andrés, the highest settlement on the island, you will reach the Arbol Santo Garoé after going through several open trails and the old village of Albarrada. You can enjoy breathtaking views of the island and finish the journey descending the slope of the Volcano Ventejis to reach the capital Villa de Valverde.

Camino de La Virgen
We propose you to cross the whole island doing this route, which passes through old cattle trails. You can enjoy different forests and, above all, explore the main peak of El Hierro. Do not miss the views of La Dehesa and Nisdafe, among other places!
Keep in mind that this route has a length of 27 km, and that it has a steep slope, so we recommend that you take a whole day of your stay on the island to do it. Take the opportunity to visit the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Los Reyes in the Dehesa and the church of Valverde where the route ends.

We have proposed some of the most significant hiking routes of El Hierro, but do not forget that our proposals on this island have many more trails. Therefore, it is worth while during your vacation on the island to explore some of them. We invite you to discover the true essence of El Hierro!

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