These are the reasons to visit El Hierro on your vacation

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Are you planning your next vacation and would you like to go to the Canary Islands? Why don’t you visit El Hierro? If you want to know an island full of wonderful places and routes to do alone, with friends or family, do not miss it!

Reasons to travel to El Hierro

The island of Hierro has many charms. Although it only has 268 square km of surface, it has great variety of landscape. Hence, it has been declared a Biosphere Reserve in 2000 and Geopark by UNESCO in 2014.

It has numerous natural emblems: the centennial Sabina, the Roque de La Bonanza, the Roques de Salmor, the Garoé Tree … and much more.

It also offers 270 km of trails, of great historical and environmental value. For something, it is famous for its routes and ideal for practicing sports related to nature, such as hiking.

What routes do we find in El Hierro? You can follow the path of Jinama, the path of the Virgin of the Three Kings or the path of La Llanía. These are just some of the best known routes. There is no better way to explore this island than on foot, to discover each of its corners.

It also offers amazing views from its viewpoints. La Peña viewpoint is one of the most popular, since it allows you to contemplate the El Golfo valley. But there is also Isora, Jinama, Tanajara, Lomo Negro … If you are passionate about photography or want to see the island from above, you will love it.

Another reason to go to El Hierro is for its “beaches.” You will find incredible places to enjoy a good swim, although somewhat different from what you have in mind. In this case, it stands out for its natural pools of crystalline waters. Charco Los Sargos, Charco Azul or Cala de Tacorón are very special.

The seabed is also amazing. You will find many immersion points, so if you want to learn diving, it is one of the perfect destinations. Some of the main attractions are El Bajón, Baja Bocarones or the Devil’s Cave. In addition, the dive centers are fully equipped.

And finally, another reason to go to this island is because of the tranquility it offers. Being the most remote of the archipelago is perfect to disconnect, to get away from everything and enjoy hiking, nature and amazing places.

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We help the most adventurous traveller to discover the hidden corners of El Hierro with our routes and excursions.

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